At DANISHDOWN® we are specialized in sourcing, designing and developing customized home textiles for the bedroom - always providing ‘the little extra’.

Our designs are sold both under the DANISHDOWN® label - and under private labels. If you are retailer, department store or HOME-textile chain, we would love to help bring your dreams and ideas to life. We work closely with our international team to bring the necessary product, market and supply chain expertise to our partners, in order to ensure outstanding quality in every aspect - from design to delivery, on time and on budget.


DANISHDOWN® is built on trust and long-term relations with both customers and manufacturers. Satisfied customers, dedicated design and manufacturing partners working towards mutual development have always been our philosophy. 

All partners are audited IDFL, SEDEX, BSCI and hold RDS – and/or DOWNPASS certificates.


Through our international network we can handle all sourcing, production and shipping to ensure that the products arrive in your stores exactly when agreed: When you need them.



We are privileged to present new opportunities in top quality Hungarian down products. All produced by a family run company, under highest respect for the environment. With honest care for nature, animals and human beings, having all relevant certificates and modern facilities. Would you like to add a unique quality line in your shops? 

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Dr. Priemes Vej 2, 4. th.
1854 Frederiksberg C




Starting out in 1994, DANISHDOWN® has from the beginning been based on the idea of trading, developing, sourcing and designing, down quilts, pillows and jackets. Today we supply a full range of home textiles for the bedroom. All our high quality products are created in cooperation with our customers, in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Together with our dedicated manufacturing partners, many of these started out as family owned facilities with philosophies matching ours, we are working after a code of conduct, requested by most international brands today, ensuring consistency and quality the entire way from dream to end product.



At our webshop you will find a selection of our special designs and products made available for direct purchase. The productions are often very small and exclusive, so if you find something you like, do not hesitate to purchase as they will only be available in a very limited number and for a very limited time. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at hello@danishdown.com