DOWN & FEATHER   Looking for top quality European products, with a green attitude? WE CARE - AND WE TAKE CARE We would love to help. We are focused on finding the finest solutions, caring for sustainable production and a “green way of thinking”. And our partner factory in Hungary is focused on such a green and environmental friendly production, making sure our products are pure nature in your bed. This is why: We use only high quality down. The filling is washed using naturally heated thermal water, coming directly from wells deep underneath the factory, ensuring efficiency and less energy consumption. The used water goes through the factory´s own water re-cycling system, and is sent back to earth - as clean...

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DOWN, FEATHER, SYNTHETIC No matter which kind of comforter, pillow and quality you are looking for, we will be able to supply for you. We always focus on correct and honest quality, strong prices and delivery on time.  WE CARE - AND WE TAKE CARE Since 1995 we have supplied more than a 2 million comforters and pillows to our partners. Developed, sourced by us, or in collaboration with our partnering customers all leading retailers in their origin country. We have known and worked with our production partners as well as our retail partners for many years. Some relationships date back to our beginning in 1995. We are proud to work with a Hungarian factory partner and our Chinese partners, and we visit them several times...

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